L/C rules for applicant

To avoid any un-necessary amendment of L/C to save time and money, please read carefully below rules for L/C issuance. This is also to enable us an effective following up to your case with right documents.

Your Geoffering proforma Invoice ref:
- Date of PI:
- Incoterm (FOB / CFR / CIF):

Please follow our rules in L/C application to avoid a bank refusal:

- L/C Expiry Place: China.
- L/C negotiation available by: Any bank of China.
- Transhipment: Allowed.
- Document requirement for B/L: “Shipped on board” but not “Clean on board” since no shipping line
  agrees to issue in this word.
- Period of presentation: 21days after B/L date but within L/C expiry.

Following information is helpful for us to understand what kind of document you need

Bill of Lading
- Shipper:
  • □ Name of Exporter (Geoffering Ltd)
  • □ Address of Exporter (Geoffering address)
  • □ Tel. number of Exporter: (Geoffering phone)
- Consignee:
  • □ Name of Importer:
  • □ Address of Importer:
  • □ Tel. number of Importer:
- Notify Party:
  • □ Name:
  • □ Address:
  • □ Tel. number:
- Description of Goods / Cargo:
  • □ General name of cargo (Example mention only the main product in the container and not other items if any)
  • □ Specify name of each item
  • □ Specify Sample Details if any
  • □ Do not specify Sample Details
  • □ Specify L/C number
- Weight of cargo:
  • □ Based on the exact weight
  • □ Special weight showing as: (Means if you need an other weight to avoid any problem)
- Special requirement:
  • □ Buyer’s import code showing as:
  • □ Other (specify):
Commercial Invoice
- Invoice amount:
  • □ Exact value
  • □ Special amount showing as:
- Description of goods / cargo prices:
  • □ General name of cargo with total amount
  • □ Specify unit price of each item and total amount
  • □ Specify Sample Details if any
  • □ Do not specify Sample Details in any
Shipping Agent and booking number under FOB Terms:
Shipping Agent (full information):
Booking number:
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