Full range drain systems and accessories for washbasin, bidet, basin cabinet and bathtub

Washbasin drains (plastic/steel pipe adaptive)

All drainers could be made with or without side drain, please confirm the washbasin you choose is with or without overflow hole in the basin bowl.

Plastic pipe for basin drains

Entire stainless steel pipe for basin drains

Bathtub overflow drains

  • SX-01
    SX-01  plastic hose, hand operated
  • SX-02
    SX-02  brass flexible pipe, hand operated
  • SX-03
    SX-03  PVC hose, hand operated
  • SX-05
    SX-05  plastic hose, stepping button
Drain system schematic
Drain system schematic

Stepping / Pressing button drainer for shower room, shower tray and bidet drains