China kitchen and bathroom taps, plumbing fixtures, plumbing and accessories for export

We export full range of quality and up to date designs faucet for bathtub, wash-basin and shower cubicle, shower heads, shower riser rails and massage shower panels.

  1. Unless specified, we are offering univeral standard W617N brass as raw material of faucet in casted body.
  2. Minimum 7μm chrome-plated layer to offer a strong and effective protection on faucet surface. 8~12μm chrome-plated layer could be available if special requirement.
  3. Ceramic Cartridges made in Taiwan, passed 2.5MPa air pressure test and 1.6MPa water pressure test.
  4. The visual inspection of the product surface without pinholes or oxide spots. The products are smooth to the touch; no burr, no pock on the surface, corner and joint part.
  5. Easy consumed spare parts freely supplied for project order.
  6. Individual packing box with double inner protection packing of air-bubble bag and textile bag. Easy for project order, wholesale or retail business.
  7. Minimum order quantity: 20pcs per model.

We also supply accessories for restroom and bathroom.

Bathroom taps

Washbasin single-lever mixer faucets
Washbasin double handle mixer faucets
Washbasin and sink hands free automatic faucets
Bathtub mixer faucets
Single-lever bathtubs mixer taps and double handle bathtub mixer taps
Shower mixer faucets
Single lever shower mixer taps and double handle mixer taps
Multi jets and massage shower panels
Bidet faucets
Wall mounted taps
other uses than bathtub
Ancient style bathroom taps
Bronze color wash-basins, bathtubs and shower mixer faucets

Shower heads, shower rails and shower panels

Shower riser rails with sliding shower hand sets
Shower riser rails with both multifunctional top shower set and shower hand set
In wall shower sets
Wall fixed shower head brackets
Shower heads with adjustable water streams

Kitchen taps

Kitchen single lever mixer taps
Kitchen double handle mixer taps and kitchen single cold water faucets

Copper taps and shower riser railsNEW!

Classical surface copper devices
Washbasin taps, bidet taps, kitchen taps & shower riser rails with sliding shower hand sets
Brass brushed surface copper devices
Washbasin taps, kitchen taps & shower riser rails with sliding shower hand sets

Other plumbing products

Washbasins, bidets, bathtubs and kitchen sinks drains and water waste parts
These devices are always sold separately from the faucets
Pressing and stepping flushing valves systems for toilets without tanks, squatting pans and urinals
Stop valves
Flexible water connecting hoses
hoses from water supply outlet to faucets or other devices
hoses from mixer faucets to shower heads
Floor drains
Water-closet bowl automatic flushing system
Urinal automatic water flush sensor

Bathroom accessoriesNEW!

Stainless steel bathroom accessories
Aluminium bathroom accessories
General accessories
Towel racks
Bathroom hooks

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