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Standard acrylic bathtubs for export from China

Bathtub with double apron

Model Specifications (mm) Without Apron Single Apron Double Apron
SA-120 1200*700*400 yes --- ---
SA-135 1350*700*400 yes yes yes
SA-1500-1 1500*730*400 yes yes yes
SA-1500-2 1500*730*400 yes yes yes
SA-1500-5 1500*730*400 yes yes yes
SA-1500-7 1500*730*400 yes yes yes
1600*730*400 yes yes yes
1700*730*400 yes yes yes
SA-1500-8 1500*700*400 yes yes yes
SA-1600-1 1600*720*400 yes yes yes
SA-1600-2 1600*730*400 yes yes yes
SA-1700-1 1700*730*400 yes yes yes
SA-1700-2 1700*700*420 yes yes yes
SA-1700-3 1700*730*400 yes yes yes
SA-1700-6 1720*760*460 yes yes yes
SA-1700-7 1700*730*400 yes yes yes
SA-1700-8 1700*760*460 yes yes yes
SB-1700 1500*730*500 --- --- yes
1700*730*500 --- --- yes


1) Material: acrylic

2) Regular Color Choice : White or Ivory

3) Except model SA-120, all models could be available with adding single or double apron.

4) Model SB-1700 is in double Apron only. 

5) Apron design please check Model SB-1700 (Photo at the top of the Page)

*Normal tub add single apron or double apron will be with Iron stand bracket inside

Drainers have to be ordered separately

Plastic drainer
hand-operated rotary  with overflow value
Copper drainer
hand-operated rotary with overflow value
Plastic  drainer
hand-operated rotary with overflow value
Recommended plastic drainer
press type with overflow value

Bathtub with double apron

Standard acrylic bathtubs models photos

Acrylic massage bathtubs

Acrylic foot tubs
410 to 620 mm length

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