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China acrylic bathtubs for exportation

''Royal collection'' upscale acrylic bathtubs available without or with fittings and massage option

Ref SG-502
1500 x 750 x 600mm
Ref SG-503
1700 x 820 x 600mm
Ref SG-505
1500 x 760 x 600mm
Ref SG-506
1700 x 800 x 750mm
Ref SG-507
1650 x 800 x 650mm
Ref SG-510
1500 x 1500 x 510mm
1800 x 1800 x 610mm
Ref SG-511
1350 x 1350 x 580mm
Ref SG-512
1750 x 850 x 590mm
Ref SG-513
1700 x 900 x 680mm
Ref SG-515
1500 x 700 x 580mm
Ref SG-516
1800 x 970 x 650mm
Ref SG-517
1800 x 850 x 730mm
Ref SG-518
1600 x 780 x 780mm
Ref SG-519
1750 x 850 x 610mm
Ref SG-520
1650 x 850 x 610mm

Ref SG-521
1200 x 640 x 600mm
1300 x 640 x 600mm
1500 x 640 x 600mm
Ref SG-522
1320 x 640 x 580mm
Ref SG-523
1300 x 800 x 800mm
Ref SG-526
1700 x 1100 x 580mm
Ref SG-528
1750 x 750 x 620mm
Ref SG-529
1500 x 700 x 600mm
Ref SG-530
1550 x 680 x 700mm
Ref SG-531
1300 x 750 x 650mm
Ref SG-532
1700 x 800 x 750mm


Royal collection available without fittings, with fittings and with fittings and massage devices

The bathtubs are all with Stainless Steel bracket inside except SG-502, SG-506, SG-517, SG-518,SG-530.

2) SG-502, SG-506, SG-517, SG-518,SG-530
All with 4 pieces of foot stands
Foot stand is made by ormolu available in golden or silvery color.

Optional functions

Normal Tub Tub With Fittings Tub With Massage
Bath Tub Bath Tub Bath Tub
Drainer Drainer Drainer
  Faucet Massage Function
  Shower Head  
  Cold/hot Water Control  

All ''Royal collection'' bathtubs models sizes, colors and options

Resin - acrylic massage bathtubs collection

Resin - acrylic standard bathtubs

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