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Integrated massage and steam shower rooms information

Steam shower rooms with PC control panel.
All models available with and without steam

Model Specification (mm) Glass Color
S-001 1380*1380*2200 Transparent Glass
S-002 1380*900*2200 Transparent Glass
S-003 1200*800*2150 Transparent Glass
S-005 900*900*2150 Transparent Glass
S-006 1100*1100*2150 Transparent Glass
S-007 1000*1000*2150 Transparent Glass
S-008 1200*800*2150 Transparent Glass
S-009 900*900*2150 Transparent Glass
S-011 900*900*2150 Transparent Glass
S-019 1700*1000*2250 Transparent Glass
S-026 950*950*2200 Transparent Glass
S-027 980*980*2200 Transparent Glass
S-028 1700*880*2250 Transparent Glass
S-029 1500*800*2150 Transparent Glass
S-030 1700*900*2200 Transparent Glass
S-031 1700*850*2200 Transparent Glass
S-032 900*900*2250 Transparent Glass
S-033 1270*920*2200 Transparent Glass
S-035 1570*1570*2300 Transparent Glass
S-050 1000*1000*2250 Transparent Glass
S-052 1550*1550*2250 Transparent Glass
S-056 980*980*2200 Colored glass 
S-057 1000*1000*2200 Colored glass 
S-059 900*900*2200 Colored glass 
S-060 900*900*2200 Colored glass 
S-061 1700*1200*2250 Colored glass 
S-062 1550*1550*2250 Colored glass 
S-063 1300*1300*2250 Colored glass 
S-065 1200*1200*2200 Colored glass 
S-066 900*900*2200 Colored glass 
S-067 1200*1200*2200 Colored glass 


All steam and shower rooms with PC control panel are including glass walls + glass door  + acrylic shower base + hidden stainless steel bracket to hold the shower tray +  water drainer + shower devices + steam devices. All cabins can be purchased only with shower devices and without steam devices.

Electric devices information
All are are
220V 50HZ or 110V 60HZ
European CE, USA UL and Germany TUV certificates.
Steam Generator: European CE certificate

Main features

Steam room LCDTV computer control panel
PC control panel: VDE and CE certificates

Shower room with steam Shower room without steam
Steam Generator ,            Steam Box, Foot massage ------
Acupuncture massage tub, Elevation shower head, Ceiling shower head, Acupuncture massage tub, Elevation shower head, Ceiliing shower head,
Ceiling head ,                  Cold/hot water control , Computer control system, Ceiling head ,                   Cold/hot water control , Computer control system,
Background lamp,              Swirl nozzle, Mirror. Background lamp,              Swirl nozzle , Mirror.

Additional options

Foot Massage
Massage Tub
Liquid Crystal TV(8.5")
Colored Glass: Blue, Green or Grey
Frosted glass
Screen Printed Glass: Plain color design
Decoration Glass: Bumpy color design

Steam shower room inside structure draw with main features information

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