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Bathroom china vitreous sanitary ware 2 pieces sets

Washbasins and toilet sets

Ref 5598+2401 Ref 5518+2402
Ref 5521C+2232C Ref 5521D+2232D
Ref 5524B+2228B Ref 5528B+2400B (optional colors *)
Ref 5546D+2232D Ref 5583B+2408B
Ref 5590+2408 Ref 5593B+2218B
5598B+422 (2 pieces) Ref 5517+707

* Ref 5528B+2400B color option

3 pieces sets
Washbasins, bidets and toilet bowls sets

Sanitary ware sets sizes

1) All the sanitary wares are without water waste part and taps

2) All the toilets are including toilet seat + water tank + water mechanism

3) Color available: white/ivory, other color requirement based on minimum order quantity 200sets/model.

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