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Bathroom china vitreous sanitary ware 3 pieces sets

Washbasins, bidets and toilets

Ref 814C+2218C+007C Ref 821+2283A+820+008
Ref 826+2404+004 Ref 5511B+2211B+011B
Ref 5515+2215+015 Ref 5526+2236+005
Ref 5526B+2236B+005B Ref 5544B+2244B+044B
Ref 5563B+2222B+001E Ref 5566B+2266B+066B
Color options Color options

Ref 5588A+2288A+003A

Ref 5599C-+-2299C-+-002C
Ref 5583+2283+008  

Washbasins and toilet 2 pieces sets

Sanitary ware sets sizes

1) All the sanitary wares are without water waste part and taps

2) All the toilets are including toilet seat + water tank + water mechanism

3) Color available: white/ivory, other color requirement based on minimum order quantity 200sets/model.

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